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The Louisville Media Reform Community is a local, nonpartisan network of people working to open the print and broadcast media establishment to citizen participation in order to ensure that diverse voices are heard and the public interest is served.

Local media issues and initiatives:

Working Meeting on December 14 - Community Cable Franchise Agreement

Metro Official Cancels Appearance Without Explanation

The next meeting of the Louisville Media Reform Community will be 7pm Wednesday, December 14 in the mezzanine meeting room of the Main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. It will be a working meeting with focus on the community cable franchise agreement - how open is the process, are diverse voices represented, is the public interest served?

Jim Adkins, Director of Metro Public Works was scheduled as our featured guest in this discussion. His office notified us that noone from the office will be attending - no explanation was given.

Please visit our Insight Cable page as well as the County Attorney Opinion on Insight and Carlyle page - John Hicks has done a masterful job pulling together background information for us. Another active member gained access to the County Attorney's Opinion. Metro Government and Insight appear sensitive to public scrutiny of this issue. Why?

Mark Stanton, station manager at WYCS will bring us up to date on Insight's decision for his station.

Thanks to Pam Platt, Public Editor of the Courier Journal for joining us at November's meeting. We also appreciate recent guests including David Hawpe, editorial director of the Courier Journal, David Handmaker, Chair at the Public Radio Partnership Board of Directors, and Larry Gettleman, Chair of the Community Advisory Board at the Public Radio Partnership.


Meeting schedule, location, and agenda The steering committee agreed that we will meet the 3rd Wed of each month, but continue to rotate our meeting locations around the community. Got ideas for issues/speakers/meeting locations? Make your pitch to the Discuss List


Project Censored has released its list of this year's top censored stories - yes a Kentucky connection: mountaintop removal mining practices. Contact Kentuckians for the Commonwealth ( to learn


PRP COMMUNITY ADVISORY BOARD MEETING - POSTPONED The CAB meeting scheduled for noon, Thursday, December 15 in the Board room at the Public Radio Partnership has been POSTPONED. CAB Chair Larry Gettleman informs us that too many members are unable to attend. Larry will alert us regarding the new schedule planned for early January. At least 3 activists have applied for openings on the CAB - no word yet from the Nominations Committee


Support public broadcasting, oppose paid propaganda - here and in Iraq, support free air time for candidates.


Watch Democracy Now! M - F 7pm, WYCS Channel 24 Cable or Rabbit Ears

Democracy Now! is the largest public media collaboration in the US. Help DN! continue its unembedded coverage - your tax-deductible contribution will be DOUBLED by a match from a generous donor. or call 888-999-3877


The low-power fm community radio project being organized by the Brick House remains far short of its $70,000 target. Please consider WXBH as an organization for your holiday gift giving. All donations are tax-deductible.

Brick Radio WXBH officially kicked off its fund-raising drive with a show at the Kentucky Theater on Saturday, August 27. The event raised close to $1700 for equipment needed to begin broadcasting - a strong community effort for community radio.

The program featured local musical acts along with interviews and commentary from local activist groups and other interesting people. And award-winning jounalist Amy Goodman visited by phone.

Carmichael's Bookstores and Mark/Sonya at the Great Escape provided extra helping hands as well.

Special thanks to the event co-sponsors: Center for Kentucky Progress, Louisville Peace Action Community, Common Cause - Kentucky, and the Louisville Media Reform Community.

Community Voices in Programming at WFPL

Jack Roby is the Chair of the Nominations Committee of the Community Advisory Board (CAB).Anyone interested in serving on the CAB should contact Jack ([email protected]) for an application.

Current programming at WFPL is top-heavy establishment. More diverse programming may occur as the CAB becomes more diverse. Help diversify the CAB - contact Jack and request an application.

The next meeting of Public Radio Partnership's Community Advisory Board will be in early January (date/time/location to be announced). .

The CAB met October 21 and continued to review approaches to fill vacancies and invite/measure community feedback with regard to programming. Web and on-air announcements were suggested to publicize future CAB meetings. 4 of the 9 public attendees at the meeting had been invited by Heidi Caravan, WFPL news and programming director - they applied for vacant positions on the CAB.

NOTE: During the just completed fall membership drive,the station refused to air at least 3 "Challenge Pledges" to fans of Democracy Now!

At our September meeting David Handmaker, Chair of the PRP Board, joined our conversation about the public's role in public radio. The PRP Board has avoided a role in programming decisions. David steered our group to the CAB.

Larry Gettleman, chair of the Public Radio Partnership's Community Advisory Board (CAB) shared his insight at July's meeting. After his talk, a group of us attended our first CAB meeting and were encouraged that the CAB could be a vehicle for community input into programming decisions at public radio.

Our voices were less welcome in our meeting an hour earlier that same day with WFPL news and programming director Heidi Caravan and Michael Bright, PRP VP for Programming and Marketing.

Station staff opened the meeting in a defensive posture, positioning themselves as guardians of "balance." The pair shed little new light about the mechanics of programming decisions, replaying much of the info available on the WFPL website.

As the discussion moved toward Amy Goodman, Bright agreed that she is an award winning journalist who covers issues often ignored by mainstream media, but he was squeamish about her "biased questions."

The hundreds of cards/letters submitted to the station following Amy's visit in support of the station's broadcasting Democracy Now! were ignored.

NOTE: The PRP Fall Membership Drive ended Saturday evening, October 22. Why won't the PRP announce proposed "challenges" to supporters of Democracy Now!?

Please contact if you would like to be involved in this initiative.

Open Media Working Group Meeting

Information for the group's next meeting is not available at this time

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A little evidence of why the media need reforming:

"We're not in the business of providing news and information. We're not in the business of providing well-researched music. We're simply in the business of selling our customers' products."

--Lowry Mays, Clear Channel founder and CEO, Fortune interview

"A research team at Sonoma State University...determined that only 118 people comprise the memberships on the boards of director of the ten big media giants....eight of ten big media giants share common memberships on boards of directors with each big happy family of interlocks and shared interests....corporate media serves its own self interests....corporate media is corporate America..."

--Peter Phillips, professor at Sonoma State University and Director of Project Censored


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